Organization Profile

Hospitality House

Our Mission

The mission of Hospitality House is to bring homeless people in Nevada County into a circle of community caring that offers shelter, sustenance, medical care, advocacy, opportunity, dignity, and hope as we assist them in transitioning from homelessness to housing.

Our Vision

To empower homeless people with the tools to overcome the barriers that prevent them from securing homes. We advocate for greater community support and optimize resources dedicated to the homeless. We respect diversity and serve all individuals by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Our Core Organizational Values

Home is where the hearts is. Because we all long for warmth, comfort, and safety, few losses strike more deeply into our lives than the loss of home. At Hospitality House, our hearts are with the homeless. We show compassionate behavior toward all people at all times. We work supportively with one another in a spirit of mutual appreciation for talents and abilities. We dedicate ourselves to the mission of the organization, manifesting in practical actions that turn short-and long-term goals into realities. We practice careful, sincere, and respectful listening that leads to mutual understanding, consensus building, and organizational stability. We strive for the courage and integrity to uphold the civil rights of all, even when doing so may offend those who are opposed to upholding such rights. We practice competent decision making in all areas that sustain the organization over time. We participate in extensive community involvement in a spirit of radical inclusiveness.

Housing & Homelessness
Grass Valley, CA, 95945