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Privacy Policy

Connecting Point uses “HandsOn Connect” software to support the Volunteer Hub program. Connecting Point is committed to preserving the privacy of its volunteers and visitors to this website. Access to volunteer and visitor information will be limited to Connecting Point staff, HandsOn Connect advisors, and the organizations in which volunteers have expressed interest. Volunteer and visitor information will not be otherwise shared, given, loaned, or sold to any other individual or organization.

The information provided by volunteers and visitors will be used by Connecting Point to coordinate and track volunteer projects and to communicate with visitors and volunteers about Volunteer Hub opportunities and activities. Such information will not be used for commercial, personal, or unlawful purposes.

HandsOn Connect software uses cookies to store user login information, which allows the user to access the Volunteer Hub website without having to enter login and password information each time the user navigates the website. The cookies also act as links to username, password, demographic information, volunteer history, and other information that the user has provided to the website.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you wish to unsubscribe, please email us ­­­­or call Connecting Point at 530-274-5601.
Connecting Point reserves the right to revise this privacy policy.

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