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Organization Profile

Sierra Roots

Sierra Roots is committed to providing a secure and safe place for people who are chronically homeless. We employ a relationship-based approach that identifies individual needs and preserves the dignity of each person. Our goal is a community in which homeless people experience inclusion rather than isolation and where they can progress toward health and self-reliance.

All Sierra Roots programs and services are guided by seven key values:

  • Community ~ Developing an ever-changing experience built on personal relationships
  • Relationship ~ Human one-to-one exchange in deep listening and discernment
  • Health ~ Cultivating a healing community that promotes health of body, mind, spirit
  • Justice ~ Restoring relationship with community
  • Dignity ~ The right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake
  • Natural world ~ Reciprocity and gratitude with all living beings
  • Collaboration ~ Working together to create a healthy community that honors our similarities and differences

Housing & Homelessness
Nevada City, CA, 95959